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Impact of Body Composition

An alarming trend is on the rise; Americans are fatter than ever and the numbers continue to grow exponentially every year. Approximately 20 percent of overweight Americans may not realize they need to lose excess body fat because they physically appear to fall within a "normal" weight range. Surprisingly, they may still have an altered or unhealthy body composition -- a state of carrying too much fat in comparison to lean muscle tissue. In other words, their percent body fat is much higher than their lean body mass.


More Than Just Weight

Body weight alone does not give a realistic analysis of body composition. After losing weight, it is sill possible to be considered fat. When weight loss comes predominantly from the loss of lean muscle mass and not fat, you will lose the valuable calorie-burning effect of muscle, resulting in a higher percentage of body fat and unhealthy body composition. Just because you look thin, it doesn't mean you are healthy; you can lose weight and still be fat!


Achieve a Healthy Body

The Transitions Lifestyle System provides a unique approach to weight loss. It is not a fly-by-night diet, but rather a complete lifestyle renovation that helps you achieve a healthy body composition by targeting fat and preserving muscle. By preserving lean muscle mass, the Transition Lifestyle System decreases the likelihood that fat will return -- thereby increasing the likelihood of prolonging your health. This is because a higher ratio of muscle to fat may increase the body's metabolic rate, enabling the body to optimize calorie expenditure throughout the day.





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