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Wayne Sigler, LMT, NCTM
Massage Therapist
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Therapeutic Massage - Hands on gentle and therapeutic touch. Relaxes muscles, tension and Stress which leads to a rejuvenated Mind, Body and Soul. Massage may include Stretching; Trigger point therapy; PNF; ART to restore the body to its Optimum Function. These techniques will increase circulation, flexibility, and strength while removing toxins from affected areas of the body which will facilitate healing while promoting overall health.




  • Deep tissue Massage - for old Injuries and Chronic Pain. Tissue that needs repetitive deep tissue pressure to over come Nerve damage and facilitate healing. Multiple Appointments are usually Necessary.


  • Sports Massage - The focus is on Flexibility to aid in the prevention of Injuries and enhancing Athlete performance. This Massage is Custom to people who are into physical Activities, being at their best physical Condition. Manipulation is often Appreciate during these sessions.


  • Pregnancy Massage - for reducing Stress, decrease Aches and pain while eliminating Swelling while stimulating Positive thoughts. Thus reducing anxiety and depression.


  • Relaxation Massage / Foot Massage - Gentle and relaxing Pressure is Applies Specifically with light touch. Great Gift for some one you love. Removes Stress and often patients fall asleep.

Prices & Policy
60-minute Session $ 60.00
45-minute Session $ 45.00
30-minute Session $ 30.00
15-minute Session $ 15.00
24-hour cancellation notice required to avoid a $25 missed appointment fee.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to Appointment to be properly prepared. If you are late, you will be charged for the time missed but NO more than the $25.00 Cancellation Fee.

NOTE: Late Arrives will only be receiving Service for the remainder of their Appointment.