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Insurance Facts



FACT: Health insurance is NOT a PAY-ALL; it is only meant to be an aid.

FACT: Many insurance companies tell the patient they will be covered "70%, 80% or up to 100%."  We have found that most insurance plans cover approximately 50% of an average treatment.

FACT: Insurance companies usually tell the patient the doctor's "fees are above the usual and customary allowed", rather than saying "your benefits are too low."

FACT: Many times insurance companies will deny services stating "the services provided were not medically necessary", rather than saying "the limitations of the policy have been reached."

Please do no let your insurance coverage dictate the treatment you need to correct and maintain your health. If finances are an obstacle, please discuss this with us. We have payment plans to fit almost any budget.


 HMA Programs - Health Made Affordable



As a courtesy to our patients, we file claims on a weekly basis and we will assist you with any insurance questions you may have.

Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. We do not guarantee nor do we make representation that your insurance company will pay your claims. We ask that you make an estimated payment based on your co-pay, co-insurance, deductibles, etc. Payments should be made at the time services are rendered unless otherwise noted. Please note that your expected payment reflects an estimate and is not intended to be an exact determination of your financial obligation.

It usually takes 4-6 weeks to receive payment notification from the insurance company. At the time that insurance checks are received, we will notify you if there is any outstanding balance due for a particular service. If there is an overbalance, we will issue you a refund check or credit your account for future visits.

If payment is not received from your insurance company within 45 days, we ask that you then pay for the services rendered.

We ask that you keep your account current on a monthly basis. For your convenience, we accept cash, checks and major credit cards.


You will be asked to authorize this office to furnish information regarding your case directly to your insurance company and assign all benefits to be paid directly to this office. This will expedite processing of your claims.

Please remember that all charges for services rendered are charged directly to you, and you are personally responsible for payment.

All insurance policies have limitations on coverage. We will notify you when your maximum benefits have been reached.



Health care has been making rapid changes in recent years. Insurance companies have formed HMO's, PPO's and other networks of doctors in order to control health care costs.

We may or may not be a provider in your particular group. Many policies allow coverage for "out of network" providers payable at a different rate. We will work with your primary care provider and your insurance company in order for you to obtain the maximum benefits allowed.


For any question concerning insurance coverage pertaining to your chiropractic care, Contact Michelle Mueller at 610-366-7061

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