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Health Care Classes







1. Fill out general forms. When you first arrive at the office you will likely be asked to fill out some forms. You may be asked to arrive a few minutes early for your first appointment in order to allow time for completion.



2. Health history. A complete health history will be obtained. Your doctor will ask questions about what caused you to seek care, health problems, how long you have had those problems, etc.



3. Examination. Your doctor will perform an examination. You may be asked to put on a gown or to wear certain clothing to the initial visit to allow the spine to be more easily assessed. The examination typically includes:

• Postural Assessment

• Assessment of Joint Motion (Range of Motion)

• Palpation of the spine to assess motion, muscle tightness, tenderness.

• Areas of concern outside the spine will also be examined.

• X-rays may be taken if the doctor considers them clinically important based on the assessment.

• Other specific assessments may also be used.


4. Report of Findings. During the report of findings your doctor will summarize the findings of the assessment. You will be provided with the details about your specific problem areas and the treatment needed to address those problems. Once you are comfortable with the treatment plan that your doctor has recommended, a consent to treatment form will be signed. Report of findings is presented on your second visit.



5. Treatment. If time permits, a treatment may be performed on the first visit.



6. Sign up for your Health Care Classes -- 45 minutes will add years to your life.  Topics covered: exercise, diet, rest, posture and a positive mental attitude.



Dr. Mueller is available for speaking engagements. Available talks include: "Life's Big Idea", "Be A Stress Buster Today", "Make Sure Your Cake Rises" & "Life's Like A Box Of Chocolates". Call 1-610-366-7061 to schedule a Seminar.