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What  are  Patients  Saying  about Dr.  Mueller  &  Staff ?



I have been coming to Dr. Mueller since we moved to the Lehigh Valley 10 years ago.  I rarely see a MD, I have always seen a DO or Chiropractor.  I have been hard on my body and Dr. Mueller keeps me “in the game.”  He is all the services that I need to correct the problems causing my pain or discomfort.  He offers tips for good health and minimizes the use of drugs.  Dr. Mueller is a part of my health and fitness regiment!

Brent S.

Allentown, Pa



I suffered from migraine headaches for awhile.  Dr. Mueller has greatly helped those headaches go away.    After he adjusted my neck I felt great!  Everyone in the office is so pleasant and easy to work with.

Denise R.

Whitehall, Pa



I was having numbness in my right hand with considerable pain.  I thought I had carpel tunnel.  I made an appointment for my wellness wrist with my chiropractor, Dr. Karl Mueller.  He saw the wrist and my hand, and told me that my numbness would disappear with the adjustment that he would make to my spine.  To my surprise I haven’t had any numbness since the adjustment was made.  I never believed the spine could have an effect on others parts of the body.  I am now a believer. 

Linda L.

Allentown, Pa



Dr. Mueller is patient and understanding.  He explains everything so that you can understand; also he helps you to be better in life.  He helps you every way that he can.

 Sean C.

Slatington, Pa



Since I have played sports since I was 7 years old, my dad has helped keep me in the game.  I get adjusted on a regular basis.  I get banged around a lot with sports, and I get sore, he puts me back into alignment so that I can perform to my potential.

Tyler M.

Orefield, Pa



Dr. Mueller has been my chiropractor for almost 20 years.  I have had recurrent lower back problems since 1969, when I was stuck by a truck as a pedestrian.  With Karl’s therapies, I was able to build my own home, and move heavy patients as an O.R. nurse.  My wife has also been his patient for the same period of time.  She recently hurt her back slipping on ice and he is presently bringing her back to her previous active self.  The assistance of his wife, Michelle, Karl has run a state of the art chiropractic practice.  I can’t imagine how my quality of life would have been without him all these years.

 Craig L.

Alburtis, Pa



My experience at Mueller Chiropractic is excellent.  My hands used to get numb.  He tested me and found problems with my wrists.  He put me on electric treatments and I now have no problems with my hands.  I also have lower back problems that he treats me for and it relieves the pain.

Fred C.

Hereford, Pa



  1. The staff Michelle and Annette is great.  Always happy and a real pleasure to be around.

  2. I get my coffee served to me while I am being serviced!!!

  3. Doctor Karl is extremely pleasant and knowledgeable in his field.

  4. The office is always clean and comfortable.

  5. Both Michelle and Annette are 2 lovely ladies with great personalities.  (This is a plus)

  6. It is very comfortable to come to a doctor’s office and know that everything is done in a professional manor.

  7. When I first came in my neck and back were very tight, and now everything is working great, my back and neck have loosened up.  I am very pleased with the work doctor Karl has done.

Rick C.

Macungie, Pa



Doctor Mueller is a very good chiropractor and friend. I came to him with lower back pain from a job injury. He got rid of my back pain and now aligns me on a regular basis. The staff is also very friendly and everyone is also concerned with how you are doing and felling. Before I was injured I had never been to a chiropractor, I was hesitating at first, but now I really know that it helped me.

Kyle T.
King of Prussia, Pa



After suffering a trauma to my head and body, Dr. Mueller and his staff have helped me to get back in working order much sooner than if I would have tried on my own. Dr. Mueller and his staff are very personable and friendly and not only ask how I am doing, but also inquire about my family. I had many choices of where to go for my chiropractic needs, and I chose Mueller Chiropractic. I am very happy here.

Lisa G.
New Tripoli, Pa



My chiropractic visits have greatly improved my flexibility and reduced my tightness. I have a very strenuous weekend job. When I get straightened out, the pain and tightness subside. My children ages 7 and 12 come with me once a month and they enjoy the feeling and it helps then think clearer for school.

Jeff S.
New Tripoli, Pa



I am a patient of Doctor Mueller since 1991. I suffered from low back pain and many, many years ago he treated me and helped me recover quickly. He is a kind and excellent doctor who I feel takes great care of his patients. I know he has done that for me. He has always been there for me when I needed medical attention.

Ruthann S.
Macungie, Pa



Chiropractic care is an important part of keeping me well. When the strain and stress of everyday living have my spine misaligned, I can always rely on an adjustment to get me on track again. Thank you Annette, Michelle, and Dr. Mueller for keeping me well. All the best in 2010!

Marie L.
Macungie, Pa


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